Mission and ECHO

Embracing Differences - Fulfilling Potential - Inspiring Success

Our mission: To provide a safe inclusive community that encourages bright young people to be themselves, while building character, intellect, and creativity.

Our vision: Orinda Academy will provide a dynamic setting for our students to become effective communicators, critical thinkers, healthy community members, and organized young adults.

  • We offer a college preparatory curriculum committed to closing the achievement gap, while providing students with academic growth, enriching classes in the arts, athletics, and integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) activities.
  • We engage in close “first name” student-teacher relationships and one-on-one interactions to develop students’ ethical values, independence, self-advocacy, and sense of social and environmental responsibility.
  • We bring together a diverse student body with a multitude of talents and abilities and develop their love of learning, leadership skills, and an appreciation for the opportunities in our multi-cultural world.
  • We foster connection, collaboration and communication between parents, students, teachers, and support specialists to achieve a successful educational experience.
  • We support the whole student by working closely with outside tutors, therapists and specialists to ensure student success.

ECHO represents our Expected School-Wide Learning Results, which we have revised in the acronym ECHO that fits us and how we see our community.

Our students will be:

Effective communicators

Critical thinkers

Healthy, active members of the community

Organized people


Effective communicators who:

  • are effective readers, writers, and thinkers.
  • access and evaluate information using a variety of means, including technology.
  • complete oral presentations and writing pieces effectively and confidently.
  • actively listen and participate in discussion.

Critical thinkers who:

  • ask questions and know how and where to seek answers.
  • apply logic and higher order reasoning to solve problems.
  • reflect on academic work and behavior.
  • analyze and reach conclusions based on situational evidence.
  • analyze and reach conclusions based on mathematical theorems and principles.

Healthy, Active Members of the Community who:

  • make appropriate healthy life choices.
  • demonstrate an acceptance of human individuality and diversity.
  • participate in community outreach.
  • participate in community building activities.

Organized people who:

  • complete assignments according to directions and meet deadlines.
  • create and use their own system to track and plan obligations inside and outside of school.
  • set and reach their goals by breaking up larger tasks into manageable pieces.
  • use an intentional and ordered filing system for print and electronic materials.

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