Welcome To Orinda Academy’s

Parent Group!

We greatly value the participation and insight of our parent community.

Orinda Academy believes that a successful academic experience results when students, teachers and parents work together as a collaborative team. We have several ways for parents to become involved in our unique school community and hope that you will join us.

We welcome all parents to get involved at Orinda Academy. We strive to provide a host of educational and social events throughout the year to strengthen the ties between you, your family, and our dedicated faculty.

Some of our yearly activities that the parent group participates in are:

  • College Workshop for students and families
  • Educational Speakers
  • Spring Family Barbeque
  • Hosting of Annual Fundraiser
  • Hosting of First Day Coffee for Parents
  • Staff Appreciation Gift Certificates to Every Staff Member
  • Hosting of Two Staff Appreciation Luncheons
  • End of Year Awards Ceremony
  • Senior Graduation
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