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Orinda Academy is a private, non-profit day school in Orinda, California for boys and girls in grades 8 through 12. We are a 503(c) nonprofit organization, tax ID# 94-2692929.

We are located 20 miles east of San Francisco in the San Francisco East Bay and primarily serve students from Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Orinda Academy also serves international students.


  • Enrollment: Up to 120 students
  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 9:1
  • Teachers adapt to different learning styles and provide accommodations for learning differences
  • Accreditation: Curriculum meets state education frameworks, UC college entrance requirements and is approved by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Tuition (2017-18): $37,480 high school; $30,480 8th grade
  • Financial Aid: 25% of students receive aid
  • Head of School: Ron Graydon
  • Orinda Academy is qualified to accept non-immigrant international students, and we can grant I-20 visas, provide ESL and sheltered Literature classes, and we provide referrals to reputable housing services.

Student Support Resources

  • Academic coaching to improve time management, organization, test prep, note taking, writing, research skills, paper and project planning are provided onsite on a reduced fee basis by Student Organizational Services
  • Teacher web pages, accessible to students and parents, include assignments and due dates
  • Study hall with one-on-one or small group support for all academic areas
  • Assistance to obtain standardized testing, including SAT, accommodations
  • Personalized college counseling


  • College prep curriculum
  • Honors courses (some depend on demand and interest): US History, American Literature
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses: English Literature & Composition, Spanish
  • Honor Roll status is earned with a 3.0-3.49 GPA per semester in academic courses
  • Dean’s List status is earned with a 3.5 or higher GPA per semester in academic courses

Visual and Performing Arts

Students interested in performing arts have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Winter Concert
  • Spring Arts Festival
  • Student talent show
  • Musical performances - solo and band
  • Music production (vocal, digital, and instrumental)

Extracurricular Activities

  • Student Council
  • Basketball
  • Cheer squad
  • Music
  • Fitness center
  • Dance studio
  • Spring Arts Festival
  • Student-initiated clubs
  • Makers Club

Educational Adventures

The Educational Adventures Program provides students with learning experiences beyond the classroom. We offer trips that span the globe to enrich the curriculum. Past travel opportunities have been to Japan, Russia, Costa Rica, Greece, Turkey, Galapagos Islands, Yosemite, Big Sur, and many more. Local day trips and classes round out the offering for those wishing to stay close to home, yet continue to expand their horizons.

Graduation Requirements



English (including 1 yr of Adv Comp)




United States History




Additional Social Science




Foreign Language or Fine Arts


Physical Education



1 Semester

Community Service

40 Hours

In addition to graduation requirements, our UC-approved college prep requirements are: algebra, geometry and algebra II / trigonometry; and at least 2 years of a foreign language and 1 year of fine arts.

SAT Results

Top 25% of the Class of 2014

Critical Reading Mathematics Writing
668 673 642

Top 25% of the Class of 2015

Critical Reading Mathematics Writing
705 692 595

SAT Scores

Orinda Academy Class of 2014

National Averages*

Critical Reading









*Collegeboard.com, 2013 college-bound seniors’ test score averages.

Academic Advising and Mentoring

Each student has a teacher advisor. Our distinctive advisory program combines academic advising with personal mentorship to foster a supportive learning community. Each teacher advises up to 10 students.

Learning Support Services

Our Learning Support Coordinator and Dean of Students, Mollie Mowat, coordinates all learning plans for students and keeps faculty and staff informed about accommodations.

On-site academic coaches nurture the individual strengths and academic needs of each student. Whether students are struggling with learning differences, time management or needing extra help in class work, our academic coaches from Student Organizational Services are available for reduced fee individual or group sessions during the school day.

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