Orinda Academy is dedicated to its Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) and has created
the ECHO Initiative, which is designed to develop Effective Communicators, Critical Thinkers,
Healthy, Active Members of the Community, and Organized, accountable individuals. Through the
ECHO Initiative, Orinda Academy graduates will cultivate an intellectually inquisitive and socially
responsible foundation that will resonate throughout their adult lives.

ECHO incorporates the Expected School-wide Learning Results into all curricular areas:


The Science Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by implementing deductive, inductive, and
abductive reasoning skills to promote student comprehension and analysis of the empirical world
surrounding them. Through the scientific method, student theories and hypotheses are refined,
tested, and presented to their teachers and peers.


The English Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by cultivating a deeply analytical approach to
merited literature, developing articulate oral expression, and evolving refined and stylistically
eloquent compositional abilities.

Foreign Languages:

The Foreign Language Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by developing articulate,
expressive, and composed speakers and listeners of multiple globally and culturally integral
languages. Through cultural awareness and global stewardship, Foreign Language students evolve
to become enlightened and socioculturally compassionate citizens of the world.


The Mathematics Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by implementing inductive and
deductive reasoning to manufacture strategies, logically argue proofs and theorems, and evolve
competent algebraic and geometric academic capacities.


The History Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by creating a sturdy foundation of historically
important events and geopolitical patterns which allow students to better serve their future by more
effectively understanding their past.

Fine Art:

The Fine Art Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by promoting the fundamentals of design.
Once the principles of design are learned, we emphasize aspects such as balance, contrast, color,
guided perspective, confidence of expression, and quality of observation. By encompassing
sculpture, painting, charcoal, pencil, and oil-based mediums, the Fine Art Department strives to
encourage students to develop a brazen new confidence in self-expression.

Performing Arts:

The Performing Arts Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by creating an environment for innovation and creativity. Students are encouraged to embrace an imaginative and provocative lens when evaluating and analyzing the world around them. Through modern dance, stage band, and individual modern music ensembles, students help hone artistic skills to complement their structured logical thought processes with more creative avenues.

Physical Education and Health:

The Physical Education Department reinforces the ECHO Initiative by supplying a variety of physical activities to accommodate differing learning styles. Confidence building activities and the exposure to new sports help to heighten interest in various healthy, lifelong activities. Through
Health class, we learn to develop a balanced diet, physical awareness, fitness, and a responsible lifestyle.

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