Foreign Language Curriculum

Hola Y Bienvenidos! Bonjour Et Bienvenue! Hello And Welcome.

Orinda Academy’s Foreign Language department offers four to five years of French and Spanish instruction.

The first two years are devoted to vocabulary acquisition, conversation, and grammar, along with an appreciation for the history and culture of various countries. Lessons are taught in a functional, topical approach that focuses on giving students skills that are practical for travel and basic conversation. Lessons include media, such as advertising, movies, menus, travel documents, etc.

The upper division classes continue the study of grammar, vocabulary, and culture, while incorporating classic and modern literature originally written in the target language. Students write longer, more grammatically sophisticated compositions and give longer presentations.

Our dedicated teachers have organized trips to Spain, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, and France in the past, and look forward to future trips.

Learn more about travel abroad with Orinda Academy.

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