1 semester of health required, usually 2nd semester 9th grade

Health class is approached as an inner journey for each student during which they discover and learn to articulate their own attitudes, habits, wellness practices, health histories, and sexuality. The goal is for each student to be prepared to make sound health decisions around prevention of disease and injury, staying healthy emotionally and physically, and creating a solid and dependable practice for doing self-checks around moral and ethical issues related to health.

In health class, students learn by using art, games, projects, presentations, group and individual writing, journaling, and discussions in a safe, open forum where no question is denied an answer when asked with respect.

Units of study include:

  • self, family, and community
  • mental health and stress
  • social connections
  • sleep
  • nutrition
  • fitness
  • body image
  • alcohol and tobacco
  • drugs
  • sexual health
  • reproductive choices
  • infectious diseases
  • cancer
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