Math And Science Curriculum

Orinda Academy’s mathematics/science department has a variety of courses in which students can learn at different rates.

Middle School Mathematics Program

We offer a Math A class (a mixture of pre algebra, basic geometry, and other basic skills) for our middle school students, as well as students requiring more preparation. We also offer mathematics labs during the school day where students can come for math help and individual attention. Algebra I and Geometry are also available to middle school students who have successfully completed pre-requisite courses at their prior school.

High School Mathematics Program

We offer a typical college track math program that includes Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trigonometry, Pre calculus, and Calculus, and is designed to prepare students for a future in mathematics and/or the sciences. We take extra care to prepare our students for standardized exams and the AP Calculus Exam.

Students who prefer a slower paced program can take a 2-year algebra sequence: Elementary Algebra 1-2 & 3-4.

Science Program

Orinda Academy’s science program offers the following sequence of classes in the physical and life sciences:

  • Physical Science (middle school)
  • Environmental Science (9th grade)
  • Biology and Honors Biology (10th grade)
  • Chemistry and Physics (11th and 12th grades)
  • Earth Science (6th grade)
  • LIfe Science (7th grade)

Our goal is for each student to gain a working knowledge of the sciences and to be prepared to eventually take more advanced college-level science courses. We also take advantage of the San Francisco Bay Area’s museums, laboratories and natural resources to provide our students with outstanding, and in many cases, unparalleled learning experiences.

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