Performing Arts


Digital Music Production

Digital Music Production uses the garageband program to produce original songs or covers of well-known songs. Students learn to create pieces from start to finish, using a combination of sampled instruments and live instruments, effects, and looping techniques. We work within a number of different genres to give students a chance to experience what goes into creating a specific ‘sound,’ and how to create what they hear in their heads. Some musical background is encouraged.

Stage Band

Stage band is a performance based class in which students with some musical experience work up a setlist of songs for three shows interspered throughout the year. Our stage bands perform at a Winter Show in December, our Crab Feed school fundraiser in March, and at the annual Spring Arts Fest in collaboration with the dance, drama, and art students. Students suggest the songs we perform, and we arrange them based on the instrumentation we have available in each class. In the process of learning songs for performances, students learn basic theory concepts, work on their ear-training, and work to improve their skill on as many instruments as they would like to take on. Auditions are not necessary for entrance to either section of stage band, but a conversation with Molly is encouraged before signing up.


This course is open to both beginning guitar players and those with some experience. We learn basic chord shapes, strumming patterns, and how to play single melody lines. Students practice playing along with recordings in order to learn rhythmic matching skills, and are able to choose their own songs. Each semester culminates in a performance of the song students have been working on for the class, from memory.


This class is open to both students with musical background, or those who are interested in singing but haven’t tried it yet. We start each class with warm-ups and ear-training exercises, and each student then chooses a song on which they would like to focus. At the end of each semester, students will work up to performing their song from memory for the class. This course also includes an introduction to basic music theory - recognizing chord types by ear, interval practice, and singing harmony.


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