Student Support

Support resources include:

  • Teacher web pages, accessible to students and parents, include assignments, instructions, helpful links and resources, grades, and due dates
  • Study hall with one-on-one or small group support for all academic areas
  • Daily tracking and communication to parents/guardians of homework completion with study hall required for missing work
  • Assistance to obtain standardized testing, including SAT, accommodations
  • Personalized college counseling

Learning Plans

Our Learning Support Coordinator and Dean of Students maintains information on students with learning plans and accommodations and coordinates all necessary information dissemination to staff. Each week's staff meeting highlights a student with a learning plan and staff discuss as a group how best to continue supporting each student.

9th grade Study Skills Class

All 9th graders are enrolled in a one-semester study skills class during first semester. The course covers note taking, scaffolding assignments, using calendars and reminders, organizing study time, locker and backpack organization, preparing for tests, and much more.

Expert Assistance

Ensuring that students reach their full potential occasionally requires ongoing one-on-one support. We have partnered with two organizations to fully support the whole student.

For academics or organizational skill support, students may elect to receive for-fee individual coaching on-site at Orinda Academy through Student Organizational Services.

Teen social/emotional needs are addressed by the skilled and capable counselors of Coyote Coast, Youth and Family Counseling.

Additionally Orinda Academy networks with professional organizations dedicated to student support in both private and public schools throughout the bay area. We are a member of Parents Education Network (PEN) and regularly participate in the annual Education Revolution in San Francisco.

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