International Students

What Orinda Academy Offers

Guardians & Homestay Families

When parents make the important decision to invest in overseas education for their children, they are offering them a unique and life changing experience . So it is vital that their experience in the US is positive and trouble-free. We recommend using the services of a local guardian for your student upon their arrival in the United States. More information about guardian services can be found at We also provide referrals to Diablo Valley Homestay and they can assist in helping our students find homestays. ‚Äč

Student Advising

Each student is assigned an advisor who they meet with in grade level groups once a week. They are the ‘check-in’ person for the parent/guardian and the student to make sure they are adjusting well and achieving to their highest potential. The advisory maintains frequent communication with parents and teachers regarding each student’s progress and individual needs.

ESL Curriculum

International students entering in the 9th and 10th grades at Orinda Academy take all of their classes (history, math, science and other general courses) in our regular college preparatory program. Intermediate level students also participate in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program and ESL Literature classes, improving their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Advanced students in the 11th and 12th grades transition to the full immersion college prep program.


International students benefit from daily contact with American students here at Orinda Academy. In addition to speaking English in all of their classes, the students become a part of our tight knit community of diverse students. International students make up approximately 20% of our population. We currently have student's from China, Korea, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Application Requirements


  • Parent Application with application fee

  • Student Application with photo

  • Teacher Recommendations

  • Transcripts (translated into English)

  • Vericant or Skype Interview

    • In order to provide an in-person interview opportunity for all Chinese applicants interested in Orinda Academy and to process your application faster, we have partnered with Vericant. Vericant will conduct video interviews and short writing samples with our applicants in Mainland China. Vericant does not evaluate candidates but, instead, posts the interviews online for our admissions team to review.

      Although the Vericant interview is not mandatory, we highly recommend you sit the Vericant interview, as it will give you an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills and personality to our admissions team.

      To learn more about Vericant and to schedule an interview, please visit Vericant's Website.

  • TOEFL scores: In order for an application to reviewed, international students must submit TOEFL or TOEFL Jr. results. (If a TOEFL test cannot be administered we may accept IELTS or iTEP results). Our TOEFL code is 3250. We will also administer the TOEFL Jr. once the student begins attending. International students at Orinda Academy need to demonstrate proficiency in English in order to be accepted into the program. Additionally, they need to make gains each year in order to advance to the next grade level.

  • Openings for the 2015-2016 School Year:

    • 8th - 4

    • 9th - 5

    • 10th - 5

    • 11th - 5

    • 12th - 3

  • For the 2015-16 School Year, the following minimum TOEFL scores (PBT and iBT), IELTS and iTEP will be used to determine eligibility:

    Minimum Test Score Requirements


    TOEFL Jr.



















    If a student is unable to take one of the tests above, he/she should submit any other test scores that are available (Cambridge CEFR, etc). In such a case, it may not be possible to guarantee grade placement until the student arrives and takes a placement test administered by Orinda Academy.

Once accepted and before an I-20 can be administered we must receive

Orinda Academy International Student Graduates

Michael Wang - Carnegie Mellon - accountant

Ji Eun Kim - UC Berkeley undergrad, Cornell grad school


Hoon Kwan Kim - St. Mary’s College of California

Alex Lee - UC Berkeley, MIT - Engineer, Architect in Hong Kong

Esther Zuang - UC Santa Barbara - Science, research scientist at UCLA

Sally Wang - Cal State Long Beach - Owner/President at Unikoala

Dong Hwan Kim - Cal State East Bay

Dae-Sung Hwang - UCLA

Seung Uk Kim - UC Santa Cruz

Eric Zhu - Pacific Lutheran College

Grace Luo - Cal Poly, SLO

Jeong-Hyun Moon - UC Santa Cruz

Jae Hwoon Hwang - UC Berkeley

Christina Cha - Univ. of Washington, Institute of Culinary Education, NY, Prada, Bluebell

Pinky Yuan - St. Marys, USF

Ying Yu Ren - Georgetown

Eric Pan - Rice

Van Anh Su - Claremont McKenna

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