Why Orinda Academy?

"You notice the difference right from the start. At other schools we were considering, the headmaster talked to us rather than to the student. When we came to Orinda Academy, they talked directly to our son. Now both our son and daughter attend Orinda Academy. Their self-confidence at the academic level has grown tremendously and they are excited about going on to college…."

Gene Larkin, parent

What makes Orinda Academy different?

We have a long history of successfully educating all students, including those with learning differences in a college prep environment. We foster a connection and build communication between students, parents and teachers resulting in a collaborative relationship that goes far beyond the classroom. The result is that all students are able to work to their potential. They experience success, achievement and feel prepared and confident to go to college.

Teaching to Different Learning Styles and Abilities

Some of the learning differences our students have might include mild to moderate issues with reading or listening, spelling, math, organization or ability to focus. Our teachers know how to target their teaching to each student’s learning style or difference in order to maximize the effectiveness of instruction. Students who have struggled and felt dejected at other schools often find their confidence and self-esteem increases here. We are a good choice for students who are smart and creative, but need a different classroom experience and environment to be successful.

A Nurturing Classroom Environment

We provide small group instruction where students receive the help they need and can achieve their full potential to eventually achieve success in college, culinary school, arts academy, technical school, etc. and later in the working world.

Students who have struggled in a traditional classroom will feel a sense of belonging at Orinda Academy and know that teachers understand how they learn. With teachers who are skilled at teaching students how to adapt to learning differences and with Orinda Academy’s on-site academic coaches, students will begin to understand that they can achieve their personal best. Orinda Academy students will keep what they learn here with them forever and know that the school is the place that helped them to excel.

College Preparatory Curriculum

Our college prep curriculum includes honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well as a broad range of electives including computers, web design, art, drama, music and dance. Orinda Academy’s curriculum meets state education frameworks, UC college entrance requirements, is accepted by college and universities worldwide, and is approved by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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