Gallery » Field Trips and Student Activities

2014 Basketball Team

8th/9th Grade Retreat - The Headlands Crew

All in it together!

10th Grade Retreat - Do I Look Good in Yellow?

Basketball Team

Combined 8th/9th/10th Retreat - Challenge

De Young Field Trip

De Young and De Teacher

De Young Museum

OA Eagles Mountain Biking Team

Science Field Trip to the Water Treatment Plant

10th Grade Retreat - Student Chefs

10th Grade Retreat - Whitewater Ahead!

10th Grade Retreat - Whitewater Rafting

11th Grade Retreat - High Ropes Course

7th/8th Grade Retreat

8th/9th Grade Retreat - Marin Headlands

8th/9th Grade Retreat - Marine Mammals Rescue Center

8th/9th Grade Retreat - Students @ the Rescue Center

Potato Gun made by the Physics class

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