All-School Meeting

Every Thursday after lunch we meet as a full community for a half hour of announcements, activities, and enlightenment. It's never the same meeting twice! All students are welcome and encouraged to propose content and announcements for all-school meeting.
Some of the things that happen in all-school meeting:
  • Announcement of Student of the Week
  • Student Council announcements and speeches
  • Club and class-level announcements
  • Games and competitions
  • Teacher announcements about classes, field trips, clubs
  • Seniors in the news: college acceptances
  • Media presentations, TED Talks, videos, music, holiday-themed fun
  • Celebration and kickoff of basketball season and introduction of the team and cheer squad
  • Black History Month presentations
  • Topics of interest in the news
  • Student presentations on Banned Books Week, poetry, Islam, summer projects, community service activities
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