Peer Mentors

The Leadership Class (elective) is provided to OA students that have been selected to serve as Peer Mentors, and is intended to equip these students to serve as leaders in the school and broader community. Juniors and seniors may apply to be peer mentors, and proceed through an interview process to be selected. When selected, the student attends the weekly Leadership Class and receives elective credit. The course meets weekly throughout the year, and requires regular out-of-class participation as well. The course will serve as a space for developing and enhancing leadership skills, and then executing those skills through Mentor activities at OA. As part of participating in Leadership and serving as a Peer Mentor, students are expected to be role models within the school. This does not mean being perfect students, but does mean taking a proactive stance in addressing challenges, seeking support, and working toward a more inclusive and just school culture.

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