A Brief Look at Our College Prep Curriculum

Orinda Academy brings together inspired instructors and innovative curriculum plans to help our students achieve the highest level of academic success. That is why our college prep school in Orinda creates an academic atmosphere that not only introduces students to a wide range of subjects, but also fosters their unique learning styles. Our college prep curriculum includes classic fields of study such as social studies and English, as well as modern-day subjects such as multimedia and web design. This multifaceted approach to education provides a sound foundation upon which our private school students can build their scholastic achievements. To realize the full potential of each student, our academics include foreign languages and arts education as well.

See for yourself the many benefits of sending your child to Orinda Academy. To speak with one of our college counselors about our curriculum, call (925) 357-9719. We would also be happy to arrange an in-person meeting at our private college prep school in Orinda.