A Brief Look at Our Social Studies Course Sequence

At Orinda Academy, our challenging coursework is adaptable to all different learning styles. Our social studies curriculum strives to help students develop cultural awareness and an abiding appreciation for the interplay of past and present experiences. Students at our private college prep school begin with U.S. history in eighth grade, followed by world geography in ninth grade.

Our social studies course sequence offers modern world history or Western civilization in 10th grade and a challenging, in-depth approach to U.S. history in 11th grade. Seniors at our college prep school progress through civics and economics while preparing to go on to institutes of higher learning. At each grade level, our social studies courses encourage students to sharpen their critical thinking skills. The coursework takes a humanistic approach toward understanding the interconnectedness of ideas, events, individuals, and societies.

To learn more about the challenging curriculum at Orinda Academy, parents and students are invited to browse our website. You can call (925) 478-4504 or apply online for admission to our preparatory school in Orinda.