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A College Prep Timeline for High School Students

From final exams to social engagements, a high school student’s life can be hectic and filled with daily, weekly, and monthly commitments. If you are a high school student or the proud parent of one, then it’s so important that between all of these commitments, you find time to consider plans for future academic success in college. To get you started, here is a college prep timeline for high school students.

Start Budgeting Early On

Many college prep school students think that the majority of college planning happens towards the end of high school; however, many decisions can be made early on. During freshman year, begin preparing for college by establishing a budget and placing all savings in a college fund over the next four years.

Build Up Your Student Resume

In addition to getting good grades at your prep school, it is essential that you participate in extracurricular activities like sports and volunteering in order to appear more attractive to colleges. Make the most of your freshman, sophomore, and junior year summers by becoming engaged in your local community.

Sign Up for and Take Appropriate Exams

During your 11th and 12th years as a prep school student, you should sign up for and take appropriate college entrance exams such as the SAT and the ACT. College counselors and your college preparatory school can assist you in selecting the right test for each school you are thinking of applying to.

Meet Counselors and Prepare Applications

Schedule frequent meetings with college counselors during your third and fourth years in order to establish a plan for applying. Once you settle on a list of schools, he or she can see to it that you put together all of the paperwork necessary before sending in the applications before each given deadline.

Here at Orinda Academy, each of our prep school students has access to services that will assist them with every step of the college application process. Our advisors and college counselors have helped past graduates continue their educations at the schools of their choosing for over three decades. Call (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our prep school.