A Guide for Teens Learning a Foreign Language in a Private School

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Prep schools place a high priority on learning a foreign language for good reason. Being multilingual can not only make you an attractive candidate for prestigious collegiate institutions, but also affords you greater career prospects and cultural understanding. The following tips can help teens begin language studies on the right foot:

Invest in Your Studies As with any other aspect of your education, your command of another language depends entirely on how much time and effort you put into learning it. To guarantee that you look forward to your foreign language studies, select a language that you find interesting and enjoyable. The less you view your learning as work, the more committed you will be to it.

Practice on a Consistent Basis Intense study sessions may have their place in private school, but research indicates that you retain more information when you divide your learning into short yet regular increments. So while cramming the night before for a big exam could yield positive results in the short term, you may have trouble recalling the same information a week later. To ensure better memory retention, carve out time to study on a daily basis.

Remember to Have Fun It may be hard to consider studying fun, but that’s exactly how you should view a foreign language. Getting a good grade for your studying is important, but don’t forget the lifelong benefits that learning another language can bring. As you begin to practice a foreign language, you will be introduced to exciting new cultures and the chance to one day experience those cultures firsthand. When you finally master that language, the door to countless possibilities and adventures will be wide open.

Orinda Academy encourages the love of foreign cultures with our French and Spanish language classes. To schedule a tour of our private college prep school, call our East Bay campus at (925) 254-7553. We’re dedicated to providing students with the best possible education.



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