A Look at How Traveling Abroad Affects and Benefits Teens

Importance of Social Studies

Experiencing a culture unlike one’s own can have a lasting impact on individuals of any age. When a teen has the chance to travel abroad, however, it can have a resounding effect on not only his international appreciation, but also his academic performance. The following offers a closer look at the benefits that study and travel abroad opportunities can give private college prep school students:

Increasing cultural awareness No matter how insightful a textbook or educational film may be, no amount of studying can supplant a firsthand experience in another country. By talking to native residents, eating local dishes, and visiting area landmarks, a teen can personally witness the tastes, sights, and sounds of a foreign culture. This immersion can allow teens to relate to individuals and locales unlike anything they’ve known, which can facilitate greater understanding and acceptance of other cultures.

Practicing foreign language skills Having a conversation with a teacher or fellow student can certainly help a teen learn a foreign tongue. However, when he must rely on what he has learned to communicate with native speakers, his understanding and proficiency can increase exponentially. Education experts have long advocated travel abroad opportunities as a chance to demonstrate and sharpen a person’s foreign language skills. Teens can also take advantage of local interactions and conversations to improve their speaking abilities.

Improving overall academic achievement Studies have found that teens who take advantage of travel abroad experiences are more likely to excel in their academic studies. They are also apt to pursue higher education, including college and graduate school. Travel abroad is much more than a chance to eat unusual foods or speak a foreign tongue; it can also broaden the mind and expand a teen’s thirst for knowledge.

Orinda Academy offers students the chance to travel the world through our Educational Adventures program. Our East Bay private school provides opportunities to explore diverse locales like Russia, Japan, Greece, and Costa Rica. Call (925) 254-7553 or visit our website for more information.