A Look at Our Beyond the Classroom Experiences


To give your child a comprehensive and immersive education during college prep school, check out Orinda Academy’s many experiences outside of the classroom. During one week in the spring semester, your student can experience anything from traveling abroad, volunteering with younger children, or engaging in a new elective.

Educational Adventures Week is a time where Orinda students can experience a new world. The course curriculum changes every year, but they are always varied and filled with international and regional trips or daily adventures around town. Your student will have her pick of Educational Adventures toward the beginning of the year. After she has listed her top three choices, the assignments are announced in December. By April, your student may be experiencing student life in Costa Rica or Japan; or she might opt for an assignment closer to home where she can find the beauty and history in her own community.

Educational week

Your student will be more than satisfied during Educational Adventures week at Orinda Academy. Our private school believes in providing the best experiences we can for our students. Call (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our many learning styles near Orinda, CA.