A Look at Our Personalized Approach to Education

Personalized approach to teaching

Every high school student should feel like an individual. Unfortunately, students in large schools often feel like they’re just another face in the crowd. Smaller class sizes found in college prep schools make it easier for students to get the attention and support they need to feel like an individual!

At Orinda Academy, our staff works hard to make sure every student feels heard and appreciated. We know that students have different personalities as well as different learning styles, which is why we offer a variety of services to enhance student life. Our college prep school helps students with study halls, personalized college counseling, academic coaching, teacher web pages, and assistance for standardized testing. We also offer a variety of courses and extracurricular activities so students can express their interests, interact with peers, and learn the value of hard work.

If you think Orinda Academy is right for your child, you can call us today at (925) 478-4504! We can answer all of your questions about our private high school near Orinda.