A Look at the History of Orinda Academy

study groups at Orinda Academy

Families in the East Bay area who are looking for a high-quality education for their child are encouraged to consider Orinda Academy. For more than 30 years, we have been providing exceptional educational enrichment for students that adapts to their individual learning styles. Many families have chosen our private college prep school because the ideal student-teacher ratio enables individualized attention, helping students reach their full potential. Over the years, our private prep school has enjoyed significant growth, which has helped us better serve our diverse student body.

Early Beginnings

Our school was founded in 1980 by Ron Graydon. Originally, we had 24 students and our school was called North Bay Secondary School Incorporated. It was originally located in Point Richmond. Our founder opened the school with the vision of establishing a haven of education, in which students could enjoy a challenging and enriching curriculum in a positive learning environment. Just two years later, we opened a second campus in Orinda, known as the North Bay Orinda School.

Expansion Initiatives

Since its founding, Orinda Academy has continued to grow significantly. In 1991, we began to accept international students and we started our ESL program. As our enrollment continued to climb, we offered additional courses, including more college prep classes and enriching electives. Our upward enrollment trend led to us opening our doors in our current location in 1994. That location was chosen for its spacious classrooms, sports fields, labs, and transportation convenience. As we expanded physically, we also increased the diversity of our student body with scholarship offerings. In 2003, we officially changed our college prep school’s name to Orinda Academy.

Continued Growth

To this day, Orinda Academy continues to expand physically and academically. We added new buildings for the arts and physical education in 2004, and we launched our Educational Adventures program in 2007. Just two years ago, we built our new middle school building and added a sixth grade class.

You can read more about the history of Orinda Academy and our mission on our website. We also encourage prospective families in the East Bay area to learn more about our rigorous college prep curriculum by calling (925) 357-9719. Our faculty looks forward to meeting your child, and helping him or her achieve academic and personal success.