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A Parent’s Guide to Learning Styles

It’s common for parents to assume that their child will learn in the same way that they do, but this only happens sometimes. Everyone has a learning style, and it’s not uncommon for siblings and parents to learn differently from one another. If you are considering college prep school for your child, you may be curious about how their learning style affects their studies.


Some children study best when they have complete quiet while others prefer background noises such as nature sounds or music. For those that prefer sound, some will even sing to themselves in addition to music or other noise to fill their surroundings with sound and thereby think better. Temperature can have a significant impact on how comfortable your child is and affect his ability to concentrate, and while some students work well sitting in a chair at a desk, others study better when lounging on the floor or lying on their bed.


Many people already know if they are a morning, afternoon, or evening person. Peak hours for energy and concentration can vary a lot between individuals, and your child may not feel alert enough to begin studying until late afternoon while others students will study best early in the morning. You may be frustrated if your child can’t seem to stay still for very long while studying, but for some individuals, it’s necessary to move now and then to be able to focus.

Learning Styles

It’s common for people to prefer one form of sensory input for learning over others. Some children prefer hearing or listening, and others need to be moving or using their hands to engage in complex reasoning. Children’s visual and auditory skills develop as they age, but some people will remain primarily tactual learners into adulthood.

If you are a parent whose child is bright but learns differently from others,Orinda Academy can cater to a broad range of learning styles and can help ensure your student’s academic success.

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