A Quick Back-to-School Supply Guide

Back to School Guide

As your child prepares for another school year, it is important to arm him or her with the necessary supplies. It’s easy to remember the big stuff like backpacks and lunch boxes, but what about the smaller items that are just as important? Don’t forget the following:

Be sure to supply an agenda or planner so your student can keep track of homework and assignments. Your child should have one binder per subject and binder dividers to keep course sections and lessons organized. One folder per subject is also necessary for holding handouts and assignments. Of course, your student will also need writing utensils, so be sure to buy a pack of no. 2 pencils, highlighters, and a few pens before the first day. Other small items your child might need include a protractor, ruler, mini stapler, and a zip or USB drive. If you are unsure of what else your student may need, ask your child’s school to supply a list of must-have items.

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