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Our Mission

To provide a safe, inclusive community that encourages bright young people to be themselves while building character, intellect, and creativity.

orinda hills

Welcome to Orinda Academy!

Chances are good you found our website because your child has struggled in conventional school settings. Whether due to learning differences, executive functioning challenges, or anxiety, school has been hard for your child, and you’re searching for something different. 

Orinda Academy is an intentionally small and supportive high school where students who think and learn differently thrive. OA students experience success in the classroom, positive social relationships, and enjoy going to school, often for the first time. 

At OA, we not only understand students who learn differently, but we also understand their parents–your child isn’t the only one who’s struggled dealing with conventional school settings. The OA parent community is a place where parents find fellowship, support, and inspiration from each other.

To learn more about how OA will transform your child’s life, please visit our campus and meet our students, teachers, and support staff.


Susan Eva Porter
Ph.D., LCSW , M.S.Ed.
Head of School