Academic Coaching at Orinda Academy


At Orinda Academy, we provide each student with a valuable and challenging college preparatory curriculum. Our goal is to prepare students for a college education through challenging academic courses and arts-based electives. During each student’s private high school career, he will have access to college counselors and academic coaching to ensure that he’s prepared for the college admissions process.

It’s very important to us that our students do well during their academic career. Our prep school instructors and counselors are committed to helping students of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, cultures, and learning styles excel in their high school classes. We offer academic and organizational skills support via private coaching on our prep school campus. We also offer emotional counseling and college counseling to help students navigate the challenges of high school life and the college admissions process.

If you’re interested in sending your child to a private high school with smaller class sizes near Orinda, come see us at the Orinda Academy. We work hard to ensure each student’s academic success by providing a supportive learning environment and a college prep curriculum. To learn more about our admissions process, call us today at (925) 478-4504.