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Tuition and Financial Aid


Your Costs

The tuition for the 2021 Academic year is $43,809
The yearly cost of enrollment can be broken into three categories:

  • In full
  • Two installments: 50% in July, 50% in December, + processing fee
  • Monthly through FACTS: 10% in July, balance over 9-month period + processing fee

Materials and Fees

All students are required to pay a Materials & Activities Fee that is due upon enrollment ($775). These fees cover co-curricular programming, field trips, and other activities.


Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks, which can be purchased online through eTechCampus. The cost for books depends on course load.

Financial Aid

Orinda Academy offers student financial aid based solely on need and awards it on a first-come, first-served basis for new applicants. Financial aid dollars are subject to the availability of funds and the number of financial aid applicants. 

Additionally, families can use up to $10,000 per student per year from a 529 plan to pay for secondary education.

Financial Aid

Complete the Parent Financial Statement
Completing the financial information helps Orinda Academy assess the amount your family can contribute to a private education and determine eligibility for financial aid.

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Statement:
Available online, or request a form from our office.
Financial aid applications are due January 7, 2022.
OA School Code: #5379

Please note: Divorced or separated parents/guardians must each complete individual PFS forms and submit their tax returns.

Financial Aid Determination:
Funds are awarded by the Orinda Academy’s Financial Aid Committee.

Notification of Award:
You will receive notification sent when the applicant is offered an opportunity to enroll.


OA School Code: #5379


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