School Clubs and extracurricular activities

College prep schools often encourage students to join school clubs and other extracurricular activities. Clubs are available for practically every type of interest. Students can write for the prep school’s student newspaper, organize school events on the student council, or participate in a wide range of academic and special interest clubs. After you enroll your child in a college prep school, encourage him or her to explore extracurricular opportunities.

Productive Leisure Time

School clubs provide students with opportunities to use their time outside of class wisely. At Orinda Academy, we provide time on Fridays for clubs to meet after lunch. Participating in school clubs, such as a sports and recreation club, is a more productive and healthier way to spend leisure time as compared to watching TV.

Lifelong Friendships

School clubs help students at prep schools develop their social skills. They fine-tune their interactions with their peers and with faculty members, and they have the opportunity to connect with other students who share similar interests. These interactions may form the basis for enduring friendships.

Skill Development

School clubs give students an opportunity to hone their skills and learn some new ones. For example, students who work on a school newspaper learn how to write in an engaging manner and they can experience the thrill of seeing their byline in print.

College Application Development

College admissions representatives look for a number of traits in prospective students. In addition to looking for students with strong grades who participated in a challenging college prep curriculum, admissions representatives select students who demonstrate productivity outside the classroom. Students who include school clubs and similar activities on their application packages have a better chance of getting into their preferred college or university.

Students at Orinda Academy, a college prep school, can choose from a wide array of clubs, including our Cooking, Anime, Chess, Film, Girl’s Group, Homework, Community Service, and Rock Band clubs. Every club meeting is facilitated closely by our teachers and staff. Our prep school also encourages students to pursue their passions by creating their own clubs. Families in the East Bay area can learn more about our private school by calling (925) 357-9719.



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