An Overview of Learning Styles

Teacher helping student

All students are not the same. That is why it is important to understand different learning styles! Some techniques will work for some students, while others will be more effective for other students. The best preparatory schools cater to each learning style to help each student succeed:


Lecture may not be the preferred teaching method for some students, but it is highly effective for auditory learners. Some students absorb and remember information best when they hear it and are able to analyze it and commit to memory more easily than other students. Good teaching techniques for auditory learners include lectures, oral presentations, and class discussions.


Some students rely more on their eyes than their ears when it comes to learning new information. These students prefer seeing and reading new information instead of sitting and listening to someone describe the new information. Visual learners work best when presented with visual learning tools such as written notes, images, and videos. It is normal for visual learners to use visual tools for home studying purposes.


Hearing and seeing are not the only two senses students can use to learn and understand new information; they can also use their sense of touch! Kinesthetic learners tend to be most successful when they experience hands-on lessons at school. These lessons typically include different elements that students must put together in order to achieve a certain goal. Hands-on experiments can be beneficial in many different school subjects.


There are students who do not necessarily fall into the other categories but work best when dealing with group work. Sociological learning techniques rely on pairing students with partners or groups so they can work together to achieve goals and find solutions. These lessons give students a chance to share their knowledge, compromise, and try different strategies to find the best technique.

Your child can find the right learning environment at Orinda Academy. Our East Bay private college prep school helps all students understand their learning styles and how to put them to good use. Contact us at (925) 357-9719 to learn more!