Answering Questions About College Essays

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At your private college prep school, your instructors will help you through the college admissions process, and can offer you advice and critiques of your college admissions essays. Your college admissions essay certainly isn’t the most important factor in determining whether you’ll be granted admission to the college of your choice, but it is important that you write a good one. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about college essays.

Should I Explain Poor Grades or Negative Factors?
If your grades are poor, you can use your admissions essay to explain your poor performance. You can also discuss negative events or influences in your life if they taught you something valuable or helped you make an important life decision. You should avoid bringing up anything negative if you don’t have anything constructive or thoughtful to say about the experience.

How Personal Should My Admissions Essay Be?
Admissions essays are very personal, as you’re asked about your goals, dreams, and the past events that have shaped you and led you to this point in your life. Some college applications focus more on academic or educational narratives, while some encourage students to dig deeper and get more personal. Regardless, it’s best to follow whatever instructions are provided in the application instructions.

How Experimental or Unusual Can My Writing Style Be?
Using an experimental or unusual writing style can be a good way to stand out from all of the other college admissions essays. If you are going to take that route, however, it’s important that it’s done in a sophisticated and highly skillful way. In general, it’s safer to follow instructions and employ a clear, concise writing style.

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