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Balancing Extracurricular Activities: Empowering Parents

When kids juggle after-school activities along with academic responsibilities, first-priority commitments like homework and studying are often overlooked.  As a parent, it’s essential to keep an eye on your children’s school habits to ensure activities like team practices or band rehearsals aren’t interfering with their scholastic progress. 

Take charge and engage yourself in your kids’ day-to-date routine.  Ask yourself: Is education a priority in your household?  Monitor your children’s grades in relation to their after-school commitments.  Keep an eye on the time they spend on each throughout the week.  If your kids aren’t maintaining As and Bs in school, decrease their extracurricular activities until they’re back on a positive academic track.  While it’s important to maintain daily balance, remind your kids that school comes first. 

A strong academic background is essential to your child’s future.  To learn more about how to help your kids reach their full learning potential, call the Orinda Academy at (925) 254-7553.