Budget-Friendly SAT Preparation

SAT Test Preparation

SAT scores are still reviewed by college admissions offices as a determining factor as to which students will be admitted. If your child attends a college preparatory high school, the challenging academic curriculum should make the SATs a little easier for him or her, but you should still enroll him in an SAT prep course or buy SAT practice books. Here is some helpful information on budget-friendly SAT preparation for your high school student.

Buy an SAT Guide Book
SAT guidebooks are typically under $20, and discuss test taking and study strategies, and provide practice exams. “The Official SAT Guide, 2nd Edition” is considered the best study guide for the test, and includes 10 practice tests. You can also find study resources and practice tests online for free, but make sure that you are getting them from reputable websites.

Organize a Study Group
Talk to other parents at your child’s high school. Chances are, they’re stressing out about preparing their child for the SATs, as well. Arrange a regular study group for your child during which at least one adult moderates and encourages the students to prepare and practice. A study group is also useful because it allows everyone to pool their study materials and resources together.

Enroll in an SAT Prep Course
SAT preparatory courses are the best way for your student to comprehensively prepare for the test. Prep courses can be found both online and in person, but if your child isn’t self-motivated, online learning may not be an effective strategy. Online courses cost about $70, but make sure that the course is offered by a reputable organization, such as the College Board. An online course will provide practice tests that assess your child’s right and wrong answers. Orinda Academy also provides SAT Prep classes with outside companies and extensive college counseling.

At Orinda Academy, our college preparatory curriculum is designed to get students ready for the SATs, AP exams, and the college admissions process. Each student receives a comprehensive academic education tailored to his personal learning style. For more information on admission events and our admissions process, visit our website, or call us today at (925) 478-4504.