Common Summer Learning Loss Myths

Summer learning loss is a big problem for students at all ages, so it is important for parents to promote academic activities at home while students are out of school. As this video explains, there is an assumption that summer helps students recharge, but the extended break of two months can cause students to forget the material they have learned over the previous school year. One of the easiest ways to reduce summer learning loss is with a reading list that can be completed during the break. Many students also take advantage of summer school to get ahead for the next year, which will leave more time to focus on extracurricular activities when schedules are busy in the fall and spring.

Orinda Academy can help your child stay engaged in academics throughout the summer with summer session classes taking place in June and July. Also, we have a summer reading book that all our students read over the summer so they’re prepared to discuss in their English classes once school resumes in the Fall. If you are interested in providing your child with the advantage of a college preparatory education, call us at (925) 478-4504 to schedule a tour of our campus in the East Bay.