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At Orinda Academy, students who think and learn differently truly thrive. OA students are successful in the classroom, build strong friendships, and enjoy going to school–often for the first time.


Join us and love school, love learning, and love being you.





Reasons you’ll love being a student at OA

You do you

OA will be your high school home base. For the next four years, you’ll build friendships, love learning, and prepare for college or your post-graduation adventure.

 You’ll be amazed at how much you can grow when you’re surrounded with welcoming, supportive peers and teachers.

Learning your way

Our student body is small on purpose. With smaller class sizes, we can put a rigorous academic program in reach of everyone.

You’ll receive a learning plan tailored just for you and your learning strengths and areas of growth. We work hard to make sure no one falls through the cracks.

Friends for life

We celebrate and embrace individualism and diversity. Our student body hails from across the East Bay (and beyond!) and we form close, lifelong friendships.

You’ll interact and become friends with students from across all of the grades at OA. We’re in this together.

Clubs & Activities

Have a cause that you’re passionate about? Looking for a new hobby? Want to check off your high school bucket list—prom, grad nights, and more?

Look no further than our many clubs and after-school activities—we have fun and fulfilling activities for everyone. (And check out Educational Adventures week!)

The students are kind and inclusive and welcoming. The size of the classes make it easy to focus."

Kelly Handler, Class of 2017

Ready for OA?