Defining What a College Prep Curriculum Really Means

college prep school


Going to college can help you gain the skills and training needed to pursue a career in your desired field. Going to a college preparatory school near Orinda can help you prepare for your next step in education! If you want to start preparing for college now, consider the benefits of a college prep school. See what it means to study a college prep curriculum:

College-Level Lessons
High school courses provide students with a variety of benefits, but they do not always prepare students for the type of work they’ll experience in college. Luckily, college-level lessons help students get the experience they need to prepare for university by going more in-depth into lesson plans. These courses are typically more difficult than their standard counterparts taught in high schools. By enrolling in these courses, high school students gain a better understanding of the level of depth involved in college courses.

Access to Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
Students who attend college prep schools have access to many different college-level courses. This includes honors and advanced placement, or AP, courses that provide even more insight and preparation for college. Honors courses are typically more difficult than standard college prep courses. AP courses are even more difficult and can translate into college credit if students find academic success.

Orinda Academy helps students prepare for college with our college prep curriculum! You can contact us a (925) 478-4504 to get more information about our courses and how they help students prepare for university courses.