Do You Know Your Child’s Learning Style?

learning styles at independent school in East Bay

While students in a particular class may work through the curriculum in the same order, they may not necessarily learn the concepts in the same manner. There are several different learning styles, or ways in which students learn best. If your child is struggling in school, an effective way to help him or her is to identify your child’s particular learning style. Additionally, consider looking for a college prep school that provides individualized change to ‘personalized’ instruction based on students’ learning styles.

Visual Learners
The visual learning style is sometimes referred to as the spatial learning style. If your child learns best by associating information with images, then he or she is likely a visual learner. In this context, “images” is not necessarily the same as “pictures.” Your child may prefer to read a story instead of listening to someone read it. Visual learners tend to take lots of class notes during lectures and presentations. They often prefer to work alone instead of in groups and they tend to prefer quiet environments for studying. Many visual learners need a little extra help with verbal directives and information.

Auditory Learners
As the term suggests,auditory learners prefer to hear information, rather than to read it. They may prefer stories that are read out loud and perform better with verbal instructions instead of written instructions. Auditory learners tend to enjoy talking and explaining concepts to others. They might study for a test by reading the textbook out loud.

Kinesthetic Learners
Kinesthetic learning, or tactile learning, describes the association of physical movement with learning. Your child may be a kinesthetic learner if he or she has trouble sitting still, needs frequent breaks from studying, and prefers sports over reading. Students who are kinesthetic learners can grasp concepts more easily if they work at hands-on learning activities.

The dedicated faculty members at Orinda Academy understand that each child learns differently, and adapt the curriculum and instruction accordingly. Our smaller class sizes in Orinda are particularly beneficial for students with various learning differences. If you feel our private college prep school might be the right setting for your child, give us a call today at (925) 478-4504 for information about our admission events.