Donate Today to the Orinda Academy Annual Fund!

Dear Parents,

As you have all by now received Orinda Academy’s Annual Fund appeal (which concisely and specifically details both the necessity of the fund as well as the uses to which donations are put), I would like to take just a few moments of your time to make a personal appeal to each and every one of you.

As a fellow parent with a daughter in high school (she has attended private schools her entire life), I am very well aware of the sacrifices and expenditures we all make in order to ensure that our children have the best possible environment in which to thrive academically, socially, and through a wide variety of extra curricular activities that support and enrich their overall growth and experience as young adults finding themselves and their way in this world. Asking you for an additional financial contribution is not something I would ask of you lightly. Yet sadly, the tuition we all work so hard to afford is not enough to financially support the kind of broad education we all value and desire for our children. That is why I am personally appealing to each of you to please take that extra (albeit sometimes difficult) step and pledge as much as you can reasonably afford to this year’s Annual Fund.

Having taught at Orinda Academy for over 25 years, I have seen first hand the numerous ways in which our school has transformed, quite often dramatically, the lives of our students. Many of your own children whom I have had the privilege of teaching for all or a part of the past three years are each in their own unique ways wonderful examples of the nurturing and transformative effects of their experiences here at OA. Beyond my own direct involvement with your students, I have seen essentially the same story unfold while watching my caring, supportive, and dedicated colleagues working each and every day to support, nurture, and educate each individual student in reaching their full potential. These are among the reasons why I have enthusiastically remained at OA for over 25 years. I quite simply and honestly do not know of another private school that nurtures and transforms such a high percentage of young lives in the way we do so here at Orinda Academy.

I could literally give you scores of examples and anecdotes to illustrate and support all that I’ve claimed for the OA experience, but your firsthand knowledge of your own children, knowledge which you intimately possess in your minds and hearts, along with what OA has meant in their lives (and perhaps their friends and peers) is the best evidence I could possibly ask you to reflect upon.

Upon such reflection, and with much appreciation for all of the support many of you have already provided (tuition, parent group, volunteering in many other capacities, etc.), I ask you once again to please reach into your hearts as well as your pockets and make that extra contribution to the Annual Fund which I assure you is most necessary in allowing all of us here at Orinda Academy to continue to best serve your students and carry on our tradition of service to future generations.

Jeff Quittman