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Encouraging Your Child to Set Academic Goals

Set academic Goals


Attending a college prep school is an excellent way for your child to prepare for education beyond their high school classroom. However, it’s important for him to set objectives during this time to help him learn perseverance, self-motivation, and the advantages of goal-setting. Use these tips to encourage your child to set academic goals this semester:

Explain the Benefits
While some people naturally like the idea of setting goals for themselves, others find the concept unfamiliar and will need to understand how they can benefit from doing so. To help get the idea of goal setting across, look for small examples that he has used in the past, such as saving up his allowance to buy something that he wanted, or going to sports practice every week to help his team win games.

Let Him Decide
While you may have ideas about what areas your child needs the most improvement in, setting goals for him is likely to make the process less appealing for your child. Instead, allow him to choose what area to improve in and what goal he would like to achieve.

Start Off Small
When encouraging your child to begin academic goal-setting, you want to ease him into the idea so that early successes make the process fun and rewarding. Most people who set New Year’s resolutions fail early on because they choose a goal that is too specific or too difficult to achieve. The same issues can affect your child if he sets a goal that is too demanding or detailed. To help avoid this, start off with small goals that are general. An example of this would be to achieve higher scores this week than he did last week in one of his classes, instead of attaining a particular grade in all of his classes.

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