Examining Our French Curriculum

Kathryn Saxby, French Teacher

To help ensure that students in our preparatory school are competitive when they apply to colleges, foreign language is a major part of our curriculum. In addition to meeting state high school graduation and college admission requirements, learning another language builds confidence and helps students learn about different cultures. We offer French, Spanish, and American Sign Language at our college prep school. Here is a look at what students learn in our French curriculum.

Levels 1-2
In the beginning levels of French, students focus on vocabulary so that they read, speak, write, and understand short phrases and eventually longer paragraphs. Students also learn about different parts of speech and practice conversational skills. Learning about etiquette and culture in French-speaking countries is also part of the curriculum. These early levels of French also give students a chance to get used to language classes and the opportunity to get comfortable making the mistakes that are an invaluable part of the process of learning a language.

Levels 3-4
During levels 3-4 of French, students will build on the skills they developed in the first section and add a significant amount of new vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Students will learn the multiple verb tenses, practice with different types of pronouns, and learn to speak and write more fluently. In these classes, students will practice discussing things like hobbies and holidays and using practical skills, such as booking a hotel room.

Levels 5-6
These next levels of our French curriculum are focused on taking knowledge gained in previous courses and applying it at a higher, more precise level. Students will discuss current events, geography, and culture, and work on expressing themselves beyond basic phrase. They will also learn to incorporate idiomatic French expressions in their speech and writing to display more thorough grasp on the language.

Levels 7-8
The final levels of our French curriculum are focused largely on French literature as well as conversation and writing.

At Orinda Academy, our curriculum is rich and engaging, so our prep school students learn to love education while getting the tools they need to succeed. To see if our private school in Orinda could be right for your child, call (925) 478-4504 to learn more about our program and for information about enrollment.