Exciting Educational Lectures at the California Academy of Sciences

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your child should stop learning! Summer is the ideal time to reinforce the idea that learning is fun and interesting. Your child can use summer learning as an opportunity to further explore subjects that are interesting to him, which will get him excited to return to his private school in the fall. The California Academy of Sciences offers fascinating lectures to members of the community. Here are a few upcoming events you can attend with your student. These topics are specifically covered in Orinda Academy’s eighth grade physical science class.

Old main library

Cosmological Intimations of Infinity

Clear your calendar for the evening of Monday, August 5th to attend this lecture presented by Dr. Anthony Aguirre, an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. If your child is curious about science and the history of the universe, he will be enthralled by this discussion. Scientists used to believe that the universe must have had a beginning, but as Dr. Aguirre will show, it’s possible that the universe had no beginning and will last forever. Don’t miss this fascinating lecture on the possibilities of a “multiverse.”

The Kepler Story

Johannes Kepler is less of a household name than other scientists, but his contributions to science and astronomy cannot go unnoticed. You and your child will have the opportunity to delve deeply into Kepler’s life every Sunday in October in the Morrison Planetarium, the world’s largest all-digital dome. This one-man show incorporates dramatic music and stunning visuals to tell the story of this 17th-century astronomer who discovered three of the laws of planetary motion. You’ll hear all about Kepler’s findings and story, including accounts of his mother’s trial for witchcraft. The show is performed by veteran actor Norbert Weisser, who has appeared in films including Three Amigos, Schindler’s List, and Pollock. Seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your tickets in advance!

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