Experience Our Educational Adventures

Adventure week at Orinda private school

Orinda Academy prides itself on the strength of our college prep curriculum, which includes many enrichment activities for students. Students can take advantage of our range of Educational Adventures classes, which are selected in September from our catalog. These mini-classes are offered during our Educational Adventures week in April. Your child might choose to take a yoga class, or learn how to meditate or dance. If your child prefers volunteer work, he or she might opt to assist elementary school children or the homeless in San Francisco.

FridayFlyer May 19, 2017

Our global Educational Adventures classes are quite popular with families. Students have taken trips to Washington, D.C., while others have enjoyed a trip to Hawaii, France, Italy, and Spain. Past Educational Adventures have also included trips to Greece, Russia, Costa Rica, Japan, and the Galapagos Islands.

At Orinda Academy, your child will have the opportunity to expand his or her horizons and enjoy education without boundaries. Contact our East Bay campus at (925) 254-7553 or visit our website to explore the curriculum  at our private high school.