Exploring Technology Electives at Orinda Academy

Technology is only becoming more integrated into daily life, so it is important for students to take part in technological coursework that will let them thrive in a digital world. At Orinda Academy, we encourage our students to take advantage of technology every day with campus-wide internet access and computers in the classroom, and we also offer a wealth of technology courses that students may choose among their electives.

In 8th grade, students may get an introduction to a technological education with Beginning Computers, which provides a general overview of computers and how they may be used for applications in creativity, organization, and communications. More advanced courses include Website Design, Multimedia, Digital Literacy, and Digital Yearbook. These classes can provide students with exceptional skills to help them thrive in college or begin careers in the growing fields of computer science, software development, and graphic design.

To explore all of the distinct advantages of an education at Orinda Academy, call us at (925) 478-4504 and schedule a tour of our campus. You can also visit our website to sample our college prep curriculum and course work.