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Exploring the Benefits of Small Class Sizes

The right education gives your child access to a wide range of opportunities. When you are looking for the right school environment for your kids, think about how they can benefit from smaller class sizes. Keep reading to find out what a focused school with limited class sizes can do for your children:

small class sizes in Private school

It Offers More Student-Teacher Time

When there are fewer kids in a classroom, the teacher has the chance to provide one-on-one attention. When a student has easy access to the teacher, it makes it easier to understand and retain the information. One-on-one time between student and teachers ensures that every student is learning at his or her own pace. This time also helps the teacher give each student personalized feedback that shows them how they can succeed even more in school.

It Creates Classroom Environments that Are Easier to Control

Smaller classes are often easier to control, which helps the teacher stay on task throughout the duration of the lesson. Without as many children creating distractions, the teacher has a better opportunity to take control of the classroom and to teach the lessons of the day. If you want your child in a focused classroom where the teacher is in charge, you might want to look into prep schools with small class sizes.

It Allows the Teacher to Incorporate More Lessons

With smaller classes, the teacher can modify a lesson to cater to the needs of the students. This helps every student remain on task and get the best education. Classes with fewer children help the teacher present lessons on a more personalized level so students actually learn valuable knowledge that can help them succeed in future academic endeavors.

At Orinda Academy, we know what it takes to offer your children the best educational opportunities. Our private college prep school in the East Bay has dedicated teachers and small class sizes to give your kids the chance to excel in and out of the classroom. To learn more, visit us online or call (925) 254-7553.