Exploring the Math and Science Programs at Orinda Academy

Understanding math and science is essential for future technological development. However, many kids struggle with these areas in school. That’s why Orinda Academy has developed a sophisticated math and science department that helps students learn at different rates.  

Our middle school mathematics program involves a mixture of pre-algebra, geometry, and other basic math disciplines, with plenty of opportunities for accelerated learning. Our high school math program introduces students to algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Our science program keeps students engaged in science from middle school onward. Our middle schoolers get an introduction to physical science, 9th graders take environmental science classes, 10th graders move on to biology, and the 11th and 12 graders take chemistry and physics classes. With help from Bay Area museums, natural resources, and laboratories, we work hard to prepare our students for college and the working world.

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Please join us at 1pm on Zoom for an informational Open House. You will hear from our Head of School, Student Success Team, current parents and students, and have the opportunity to ask questions about what makes OA so special!

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