Extra Curricular Activities That Boost Your College Application


Extracurricular activities at Orinda Academy

A student’s grade point average and class selection are important factors that figure heavily into the decisions of college admissions personnel, but it’s also crucial that students demonstrate personal growth beyond the classroom. One sure way to make your college application stand out is by highlighting your extra curricular activities, which will ideally reflect your persistence, dedication, and diversity of interests. Review the offerings available at your private high school and select a mixture of activities that interest you.

Student Government
Consider joining the student council at your college prep school. Taking an active role in the student council demonstrates to admissions personnel that you have leadership skills and the ability to communicate clearly with your peers and with school staff.

Sports Teams
Adding at least one sports activity to your college application will reflect your perseverance, particularly if you can demonstrate that you were on a certain team for several years. College admissions personnel understand that succeeding at these activities requires teamwork skills and good sportsmanship.

Special Interest Clubs
Membership in a special interest club or two gives you the opportunity to build new friendships at school. It also informs admissions personnel that you are an active, engaged student who prefers to stay productive during the after-school hours. When choosing a special interest club, consider possible career objectives. You might join a filmmaking or music group if your career interests lie in the arts. If you have an idea for a special interest club that is not currently offered at your college prep school, consider starting your own club. Doing so will demonstrate your strong sense of motivation and drive to accomplish your goals.

Volunteer Positions
College prep students are strongly encouraged to participate in ongoing volunteer activities. Giving back to your community is important in and of itself, but it also catches the eye of college admissions personnel. Consider volunteering in a local elementary school, animal shelter, or food pantry.

Orinda Academy is pleased to offer an enriching array of after-school activities to complement our academics in California. We feel that our focus on enhancing student life and promoting smaller class sizes encourages our preparatory school students to be engaged, active members of our educational community. Parents are welcome to call our private college prep school at (925) 478-4504 with any questions they may have.