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Finding the Right Balance Between School and Extracurricular Activities

A good education does not just involve reading, writing, and arithmetic. At school, adolescents and teenagers can and should explore their fascination with art, passion for music, or talent for sports through extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities can offer significant advantages for children. They can help kids develop better socialization and sportsmanship skills and facilitate interests that may one day evolve into a career. Extracurricular activities can also promote a healthier sense of self. While many private college prep schools provide ample opportunities for these benefits, parents and their children must continually strike a balance between scholastic duties and after-school obligations. 

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Note the student’s interests

Extracurricular activities should be enjoyable. Of primary importance is determining whether a child has an inherent interest in his music lessons or sports teams. While a fulfilling extracurricular activity can provide a higher quality of life for a student, one that doesn’t personally appeal to a child may drain his energy and lessen his desire to attend private school.

Communicate with the student

Knowing if a student is successfully balancing his extracurricular activities rests upon establishing an open line of dialogue with him. Parents should continually check in with their children to stay current with their kids’ feelings on their after-school commitments. If a child seems to lose interest in a particular activity, he and his parents should discuss trying something else.

Consider the student’s academic success

Even if a child enjoys his extracurricular activities, participating in these activities should not come at the expense of his studies. If a sport or lesson seems to negatively impact a student’s grades, it may be time to discuss whether cutting back on extracurricular activities is appropriate for the child’s academic success.

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