For Students: How to Make the Most of Group Study Sessions

Group studying can have many advantages. Working in a group gives you access to everyone else’s notes and insights on the material. You may also feel more committed to your studies if you have a responsibility to a group, and many students retain information better once they’ve explained the concept to another person. College prep courses can be demanding, so your study group is an important support system. Boost your chances of academic success by putting together a study group and use these tips to make your study sessions as productive as possible:

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Set Goals

Before each study group meeting, decide what the agenda will be. Figure out which tests and assignments you want to focus on so everyone can come to the session prepared. It’s also a good idea to let study group members float questions and concerns they’re having about their classes before the sessions. For instance, a study group member may let everyone else know that he or she is struggling with a new math lesson so others in the group can be prepared to help explain the work.

Prioritize Participation

In study groups, sometimes a few of the more vocal members may dominate the discussion. This set-up can lead to resentment—some students may be frustrated if they don’t get a chance to talk, and the most active members may feel like they are carrying the entire load. To ensure equal participation, have each group member take responsibility for “teaching” a certain topic to the group.

Manage the Session

Injecting a social element into studying can too easily lead to sessions that cover more gossip that schoolwork. To avoid this, take turns being the session manager. The manager steers conversation back to lessons when needed and calls for periodic breaks to avoid study burnout.

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