Fostering a Love of Math in Your Children

Student Doing Math on Chalkboard

Teaching your children to love learning itself will help them succeed in many aspects of life. However, this can be a challenge if your children express discontent with certain school subjects, such as mathematics. By becoming involved with your children’s schoolwork and teaching them the importance of math in real-life applications, you can instill a healthy appreciation for the subject. Talk to the teachers at your children’s school about more ideas for encouraging enthusiasm for learning.

Get Involved with Schoolwork While it’s best to encourage children to learn to love math from an early age – even as young as three years old – it’s never too late to start. Meet with the educators at your children’s school to discuss the current coursework and areas in which your children might be struggling. Use praise to encourage your children to learn new concepts and master the coursework. Ask your children to teach you how to solve a particular problem, and encourage them to take pride in their abilities.

Reinforce the Importance of Math You can foster a love of math in your children by demonstrating how important it is for countless real-life situations, and that it isn’t just something to be memorized in a classroom. Demonstrate how you balance the household budget, for example. You could also link math to your children’s hobbies and interests. If your children display an interest in cooking, ask them to develop a meal plan for the week with the caveat that they must work within a set budget.

Play Math-Related Games Many games involve mathematics. Establish a family game night and play math-related games like chess, checkers, backgammon, and Yahtzee. Your children might also enjoy the challenge of working on a Sudoku puzzle; give Sudoku workbooks as gifts and bring them along on car trips.

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