Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Keep Learning Over Winter Break

learning over winter break and private school

One of the wonderful aspects of learning is that it isn’t restricted to reading textbooks in school; kids learn from new experiences and even through everyday activities like baking. When your kids’ college prep school lets out for the winter break, encourage them to turn off the TV and try some fun activities instead.

Baking Holiday Recipes

Use tasty holiday recipes to keep your children’s math skills from getting rusty while they’re away from school. Each child can pick out his or her favorite holiday recipe. Baking strengthens math skills as children measure ingredients and learn to double or halve a recipe. It also helps children work on their executive functioning skills; they’ll need to plan ahead to assemble the ingredients and mix them in the correct order.

Writing a Story

Reading books together is an excellent way to stimulate young minds. However, your children might also enjoy writing their own stories. Encourage them to collaborate on a story together. One child can write the starting sentence and pass the paper to the next child, and so on.

Creating a Decoupage Journal

As children grow closer to graduating from their college prep school, they might appreciate a decoupage journal of their school experiences. Kids can assemble their old schoolwork, artwork, greeting cards, photographs, and similar items. After tearing some of these items into small squares, each child can apply a layer of Mod Pod to the backs and press them onto the journal cover, overlapping the edges. Within the journal, kids can record their thoughts, stories, or song lyrics. They might also choose to paste treasured photographs and similar items on the pages.

Students at Orinda Academy, a college preparatory school, are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and educational adventures. Our private school offers a wealth of enrichment opportunities for children of all learning styles. We invite parents to call our preparatory school at (925) 254-7553 to arrange a visit to our East Bay campus.