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"Why give? I mean we pay tuition, right?"

Support OA - A Parent's Perspective

Our journey to Orinda Academy is probably like a lot of yours.  Our son Jackson is an intelligent, goofy, kind kid, but one who didn’t quite fit in at public school.  In his pre-school days we called him the Mayor as his infectious smile and sparkly personality helped him make friends easily and stand out in his class.  As Jackson grew his ADHD began to manifest more, and he began to struggle socially, emotionally, and academically. Elementary school was a roller coaster of highs and lows filled with bullying, academic struggles, and teacher who didn't have the bandwidth or skills to help him.  As parents we scrambled to understand how Jackson was developing, and how best to support him. 

And after scouring the Bay Area for the right fit, what did we find?  The perfect place for Jackson right here in Orinda. A welcoming school with excellent teachers who take the time to get to know and listen to their students. An inclusive student philosophy and an interesting curriculum that give Jackson the customized attention he needed to feel emotionally secure and be socially and academically successful. Orinda Academy is a place where Jackson can learn, a place where he can grow, a place where he belongs.  Jackson has thrived since starting last year as a freshman, and we can’t wait to see how he continues to develop.

In late 2022 we learned that Jackson’s mother, Jewelz, had a serious medical condition.  This was a very difficult time for our family, and especially for our kids.  Nancy and the rest of the Orinda Academy community were incredible in stepping up to offer support in whatever way they could.  Orinda Academy played a major role in maintaining Jackson’s emotional stability during this time. For us this speaks volumes to the special place that Orinda Academy is.

I know that many of you have similar stories...stories of great kids who struggled to find their place.  Kids who found their place at Orinda Academy and are now thriving.

Please join my wife Jewelz and I in giving to Orinda Academy’s annual fund-raising drive.  To help Orinda Academy continue to be that nurturing environment for your child, and to help it grow so it can be that special place for other kids in need.

~Orinda Academy Parent, Matt Tucker

As with most independent schools and private colleges, tuition does not cover the entire cost of an education. This is why we are asking for a tax deductible gift according to your ability to give.

There are many ways to make your gift:

  • By Credit Card

    Make a gift securely through PayPal.

  • By Check

    Mail or drop off a check payable to Orinda Academy:
    Orinda Academy -              Attn.: Annual Fund
    19 Altarinda Road
    Orinda, CA 94563

  • Matching Gifts

    Corporate matching gift programs can double or triple your gift. Please contact your company’s Human Resources Department to find out if they offer a matching gift program.

  • Recurring Gift

    Contact us for assistance with setting up this monthly or quarterly gift option.